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When Age Doesn’t Matter


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With all the online dating sites, finding people with similar interests seems to have become easier. Granted, how many of us actually fill out all the boxes in the questionnaires?! But I’ve noticed with the increase in meeting through a dating site, age doesn’t seem to matter… until you actually have to spend time face to face with someone.

Recently, a friend started corresponding with someone online. He hesitated because there was a 20 year age difference. But apparently, the potential date was persistent and my friend agreed to meet in person. First date was good with great conversation and a hint of physical chemistry. Over the next week, there were a few jabs at grandpa jokes that my friend took in stride, but he did stop to think about the age difference. Thought about what it would mean since they were both at different stages in life in regards to education, career, family and future plans.

Social’s Secret Sauce?


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“This is the secret sauce to everything that comes before and after, and it’s so simple: Most social touchpoints your audience will have with your product or brand or whatever is not the bells and whistles campaigns you put together at great expense, but rather the day-to-day social management of all your channels. That’s how they meet you, and that’s where they come to thank you, and it’s where they are going to voice their discontent. So be there for them, take care of them, and give them what they came to you for in the first place.” ~ Andrew White

via Outspoken Media’s interview – February 2013

Audi: Winning with #WantAnR8 but Crashing with Silence


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You know, for a person that doesn’t really blog, typing these things up starts to get a little strange. I should be reading instead of writing, but Tiffany Reisz’ book doesn’t come out for a couple more months and E.L. James probably won’t have anything until next year. Maybe.

So, what does this post mean? Think the title gives a bit away.

What happens when you go from being touted as one of the brands that best uses social media to one where hardcore fans and brand ambassadors aren’t engaged and one even stops participating? What happens when Twitter says your brand had the most successful Twitter campaign ever and the brand stops using the hashtag for that campaign?


Yes. Disappointment. Not in Audi USA or Audi AG as a company that makes cars that I’m absolutely head over heels in love with… but disappointment in what has happened with Audi’s social media. Some of you may remember my sadness about Audi’s change from M80 to HUGE and probably when I was a bit more than upset about the change when HUGE didn’t come out running on day one with anything to wow fans.

I feel as though it’s gotten worse. I want to be nice and have faith that they’re going to come around, but the last few weeks haven’t given me much to go on. Shall we cover a few of the reasons why?

  • Fans, bloggers and dealers use #WantAnR8, but the current social media team doesn’t. Why? Are we at an end with the hashtag because based on Twitter searches for #WantAnR8, fans still want one.
  • Engaging with hardcore fans… as in my Relationship Building and Social Media post, a brand’s fans are the ones that create more fans. Disappoint those hardcore fans and they start to walk away, what do you have left? Sure, we can’t really base ROI on the numbers, but what does it say when engagement goes from 200 per tweet down to 25 per tweet or fan sites get better quality engagement?
  • Quality of what’s being pushed out. There used to be wit along with the maturity and feel of luxury that M80 used to bring to the voice of Audi. Yes, Andy White can’t be the voice of Audi anymore, but when you’ve got a brand that is supposed to be technologically advanced, flowing with luxury and beating the competition at the track, you can’t come across as immature or flirt with the teen that just got their license. Audi’s latest video shows they want to target women in my age group… if I’m turned off by what HUGE is posting for Audi, how many other women in the target group are turned off as well? Perhaps the one that has my answers to a Q&A would like to share my thoughts on engaging with the female car buyer.
  • So much for @sbones comment that HUGE “spend a lot of time getting it right for for the individual brand and its channel audience” because with many hardcore fans disappointed, they haven’t done a very good job. Today, I feel as if they haven’t spent much time getting “it” let alone “getting it right”.

Do I still care about Audi? Would I really be able to come up with all of the words for this post if I didn’t?! My loyalties are with Rockville Audi and their amazing team in sales and service. They’ve gone above and beyond on everything I’ve asked for and even more for things I never considered. The team at Audi of America HQ have always been more than welcoming, engaging and kind.

I admit. I expect a lot from Audi’s social media team. It took time, but M80 grew the brand’s online presence into something worth looking forward to on a daily basis. When you have one agency leaving on such a high note, you have to expect the incoming agency would come in ready to go. But no… the last 12 weeks have felt like it’s been on-the-job training for them. I hope HUGE didn’t play all their cards when they did their presentation to bid and win the contract. Because if this is all they have to offer, is that crash silent because those that cared are no longer around to hear it?

Car Memories


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Thinking about the 911 with the top down this morning and a little chit chat with Jim Collins on Twitter… making me remember about a Porsche 911 memory from a long time ago… can’t go into how long ago cause we all know I’m old already… no need to make everyone aware of how old. But this 911 adventure goes back to when I was 15 and going to drivers’ ed before getting my learner’s permit.

Must have been Spring since Maryland let’s you get your learner’s permit when you’re 15 years and 9 months. I remember the afternoon as being a sunny and warm day as I skipped the local bus and started to walk home from class. Things seemed to be safer back then. A 15 year-old girl walking home didn’t seem to be much of a risk. Or, perhaps it was risky and I was just oblivious.

I heard it as I looked up and saw it coming down Tuckerman Lane. The shade of blue made me think of the sky and soaring. Something about seeing it as he drove past made me wave. He smiled and waved back as I kept walking. Then, I heard the car coming up behind me. I stopped to look. He had turned around to stop me.

Not sure what it was. Could have been him, but I think it really was the car. Back then, I did seem to have a thing about the 911. Yes. Really. I wasn’t “Audi this” and “Audi that” 24×7 back then. Not that there wasn’t an Audi in my life, cause I rode around in one often during my high school years.

I think “I love your car” and “I want to go for a ride” passed my lips. Yes. Thinking this through now, I realize that I could have gotten into a lot of trouble or worse. But I’m still here, which means I had one of the best car rides ever!

So… what crazy things have you done because of a car?

The Tavern of River Falls


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I take my niece out for lunch on the weekends. We do try to go to different places for a couple reasons.

  1. I want her to try a variety of foods to help her understand that it’s not just french fries or fried rice
  2. Gives her a reason to blog so that our weekly lunch outings help with her writing skills

Today, we went to The Tavern of River Falls. It’s close to home. I’ve gone several times and have always had an enjoyable meal. But based on the kid’s reaction today, probably not the menu most kids would want to order off of.

Sharing a few photos of what I ate so that those reading her post decide to go somewhere else.

The Burrata Plate – definitely more my taste than the kid’s. She didn’t even want to try, but I enjoyed it.

20130519_121417 20130519_121512

With the Lobster Grilled Cheese sandwich coming, I only ate part of the Burrata Plate. Not to worry, they did box it up for me so I could take the rest home.

The Lobster Grilled Cheese was enormous.

20130519_121424 20130519_121439

Thank goodness I did pace myself. I only managed to get through half… which meant Kevin was lucky and got the other half when we trekked over to Bretton Woods for a visit!

Of course, I’ll be back at the Tavern again. Will have to find some other options for the kid though. 🙂

May 2013 Cars, Cars & Cars!


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A little slow in writing this up!

Many thanks to everyone that came out for Cars, Cars & Cars! We had a fantastic morning at Bretton Woods with Rockville Audi as incredibly generous hosts again!

I only took a handful of photos…


Kyle was kind enough to pose in the R8 for me. Think it’s his most popular photo on Facebook!


Thankfully, everyone else took care of photos! Here are a few links from friends!

Photos from Question LP

Photos from Samer Farha

Photos from Matt Shinhott

Hey, Fellow Audi Drivers!


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Fellow Audi Drivers!

Please don’t be *THAT* distracted driver that makes the rest of us look bad.

Put the phone down. There’s bluetooth and Audi Connect for a reason. There are apps that will automatically reply to an incoming text message that you’re driving and taking safety seriously. Whatever notification you got from Facebook or Twitter can wait.

Put the newspaper down. There is no reason you need to read the news when your eyes should be on the road and aware of what’s going on around you. The Washington Post can wait. Heck, you could try listening to WTOP for the latest news information.

And to the guy in the A7 this morning, yes, we were in bumper to bumper traffic, but you were part of the problem.

  1. Reading the newspaper meant that drivers around you were watching you and keeping their distance as your eyes were looking down instead of ahead 
  2. Having the newspaper spread across the dash meant that it was blocking your view
  3. Your lack of attention to the road meant that everyone behind you was waiting for you to move
  4. Pulling down the visor, checking & popping your pimples was disgusting

Remember, folks! Just cause you’re in your car, other people can still see you. When your eyes keep looking down or you’re checking out your latest battle with acne, other people can see you!

Keeping my hands on the wheel,