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Many thanks to Debra (@momsofamerica) for having me join her at the #FallFitness event at the Microsoft Store! Great to see friends join us to jump start getting fit – especially the day before Halloween!

Such a great time seeing the new wearable tech from Microsoft, but also checking out the XBOX ONE! Definitely motivating to watch my friend Jose (@jose_a_24) doing the workout and flexing his muscles!

Arriving at the store, they had a team up front with the XBOX ONE! Debra and I got to meet a woman that was in her 60s and doing a workout everyday!01-20141030_131533

Earlier in the morning, a friend had mentioned Microsoft launching new wearable tech. I had also seen a couple tweets about the new Microsoft Band. Was super excited the store had it so we could take a look!02-20141030_131542 03-20141030_132046

The band looked cool sitting on the display. Of course, I really wanted to check it out so, the staff were very friendly in explaining the band and how it worked… plus, they showed us the cool features! Check out the different screens below!


05-20141030_134744  1-20141030_140123 2-20141030_140134 07-20141030_140116


And to see it all in motion … here’s a quick video!

Yes, I had to test the band and check my heart rate! Not too bad, but there’s always room for improvement!


Of course, there was plenty of swag being given out!1-1414693923475

Looking forward to hearing what folks think about the Microsoft Band. If you got one, let me know what you think of it!