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Thinking about the 911 with the top down this morning and a little chit chat with Jim Collins on Twitter… making me remember about a Porsche 911 memory from a long time ago… can’t go into how long ago cause we all know I’m old already… no need to make everyone aware of how old. But this 911 adventure goes back to when I was 15 and going to drivers’ ed before getting my learner’s permit.

Must have been Spring since Maryland let’s you get your learner’s permit when you’re 15 years and 9 months. I remember the afternoon as being a sunny and warm day as I skipped the local bus and started to walk home from class. Things seemed to be safer back then. A 15 year-old girl walking home didn’t seem to be much of a risk. Or, perhaps it was risky and I was just oblivious.

I heard it as I looked up and saw it coming down Tuckerman Lane. The shade of blue made me think of the sky and soaring. Something about seeing it as he drove past made me wave. He smiled and waved back as I kept walking. Then, I heard the car coming up behind me. I stopped to look. He had turned around to stop me.

Not sure what it was. Could have been him, but I think it really was the car. Back then, I did seem to have a thing about the 911. Yes. Really. I wasn’t “Audi this” and “Audi that” 24×7 back then. Not that there wasn’t an Audi in my life, cause I rode around in one often during my high school years.

I think “I love your car” and “I want to go for a ride” passed my lips. Yes. Thinking this through now, I realize that I could have gotten into a lot of trouble or worse. But I’m still here, which means I had one of the best car rides ever!

So… what crazy things have you done because of a car?