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Many thanks to Ellen Gray at Todd Gray’s Watershed Restaurant for a fantastic evening!

A few weeks ago, the girls and I went to Watershed for dinner. After that visit, Ellen invited me to come back for their Game Roast night. As most friends know… I don’t eat game or red meat. Ellen said to join the party anyway and she’d make it vegetarian for me. Vegetarian? When everyone else was going to be eating meat? Sure!

I had asked Beth to join me. I think we both had Watershed’s hush puppies on the brain. We planned on being early to grab drinks at the bar. Everyone else had the same plan! Happy Hour at Watershed was in full swing.

So, what to drink? Beth opted for the Rum Swizzle.


It did look good, but aside from not eating red meat, I’m also not a rum girl.

Yesterday morning, some tweeps may have noticed I had tweeted about happy hour cocktails… Yes, at a time when most wouldn’t think about cocktails. I was just trying to set my Friday on the right note!

It was my turn to order. I asked Simo, Watershed’s beverage manager, if he could make a cocktail based on what I had on my phone. He looked at it and said he had everything except sage for a garnish. I said okay. What did he make? This:


One of the most amazing cocktails I’ve ever had the pleasure of drinking!

The cocktail tasted great with our hush puppies too.


It felt like the hush puppies disappeared in a minute! These have got to be the best hush puppies in DC!

Game Roast started at 7pm. Beth and I ventured over to check-in. I always stop to look at seating and how the room is staged. Probably cause I’m surrounded by furniture all day at work.


Although seating was limited, there was a crowd outside on the patio.


Chef Todd was grilling oysters. Quite the treat with the sesame cocktail sauce!


DC Brau was being poured… a lot of it was being poured. A pitcher landed at our table. Since I’m more of a gin/vodka girl, I wondered if the pitcher was meant for just the two of us. We were good and let them take the pitcher away. Granted, Simo did make me another one of those cocktails from earlier in the evening.


So… what was for dinner? The menu for the evening:


Okay, so now is about the time you’re probably thinking there’s going to be lots of pics of meat. But no. I don’t eat red meat or game. So, it was vegetarian for me (and sort of for Beth) for the evening.

What did we have? Voila:


One of the most amazing plates of yummy goodness I’ve had in a long time. Beth and I both thought it would be perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner… oh, and couple of in between snacks too!

We joined the rest of the crowd in having dessert. A nice way to wrap up the evening!


Beth and I are already planning on attending the next couple of events at Watershed. There’s a crawfish boil coming up and a vegetarian night planned for May! I can’t wait!

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