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What do 8 year-olds like to do? Do *I* actually know how to act like a kid and plan something fun? Bounce-U and Chuck E. Cheese aren’t my style. So, what do I do to entertain a bunch of 8 year-olds?!

Thankfully, the niece loves art. I ended up searching for art birthday parties. Not a lot of options, but there was one very close by. But there was one thing… I wanted to have the party away from their studio.

I called Stone Branch School of Art and crossed my fingers that they would come join me at Bretton Woods. Cause the view at Bretton Woods is great… plus @bweventguy knows how to throw a party.


So, Terre Jenkins said yes. The kids loved her! We learned how to create stylized cats!


I think I should have sat at the front to get a better look at how to draw my cat. 🙂 The kids did a lot better than I did. Much more creative with their designs and colors.

Here’s mine:


I’ll have to sign mine so @bweventguy can have it framed and put it up on his wall… if he can make room! 🙂