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You know when you do something thinking no one will ever notice, but you do it with fingers crossed and dream about it happening? I’ve been dreaming for quite some time about a car… not just any car. Cause not just any car takes your breath away when you see it or hear it. Then something happened! Someone noticed!

I know some of my friends think I’m crazy although most will agree that it’s a beautiful car. Some friends tell me it’s “just a car”. Then, there are a few that claim other cars to be better. Yes, I’m still friends with them! But for me, the R8 was *IT*. I wanted! So, I tweeted. I tweeted Audi of America about how much I wanted an R8. I probably tweeted to them every day. Then, I added #WantAnR8 to those tweets. I tweeted to Audi whenever I saw one on the road. Heck, I even tweeted to them when I didn’t see an R8. I tweeted them begging them to come to my house to take me for a spin.

Then, it happened. I came home from a holiday in Wales. Of course, I had to tweet Audi to make sure they didn’t think I disappeared! They tweeted back.

My #WantAnR8 Weekend!

What did it mean? Lots of things raced through my head. I’m sure I was so giddy with excitement I acted like a total over the top fanatic! There were a few more tweets exchanged, and I thought I was going to explode. Then I got the email! Audi wanted to bring an R8 to me! Yes! Bring an R8 to my house so I could have it for a weekend! Did I scream? Yep! I won’t go into details about bouncing up and down or tripping over my feet while I twirled.

The original plans were for last weekend. Hurricane Irene made us think about it a bit though. Although the R8 has Quattro and can do very well in the snow, I wasn’t quite sure how it would do in a flash flood or trees and power lines falling. If it had been snow, I would have been excited about remaking this Audi commercial:

But Hurricane Irene wasn’t dropping two feet of snow on DC. So, my weekend got bumped to this past weekend! Was it worth the wait?! Absolutely! How was my weekend? Amazing! Incredible! Fantastic! Yes, I tweeted those words a lot over the weekend! There were a few Oh Em Gees thrown in too! Do I still #WantAnR8? Yes! Yes Yes! Even more than ever before!

There’s a lot more to tell, but I’m going to wait until Audi shares the video that is in the works. While I wait, here is a quick video clip and a few photos from the weekend.