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Had to meet up with @BWEventGuy before leaving the country or he’d
kill me… so, easiest stop was Clyde’s Tower Oaks.

Totally forgot that they don’t have Ciroc Berry there though. So, had
to figure out something for my #StrawberryBasilLemonade craving.
@BWEventGuy already was halfway through his before I got there… but
he likes his the standard way with the rum. I’m not a rum kinda girl.
So, no Ciroc… ended up with Blueberry Stoli in mine instead. Pretty
good, but Ciroc would have been better.

Anyway… got to catch up and figure out what we’re doing the rest of
the summer when I get back… had some yummies… crabcakes are the
special for the month of July at the Clyde’s restaurants!!! Go get

Since I only had one drink, we got dessert… Very cool housemade
gelato with cookies for ice cream cookie sandwiches! Yeah!!!